I have known Mark Lee for over ten years. He came to play for me as a player in England after playing with Hibernian FC. His passion enthusiasm and love off the game allied to infectious footballing nature made him a joy to work at Perth Glory and a pleasure to know. Not just a quality player but a genuine guy who lived for his football.12 years later and nothing has changed except he has added coaching knowledge and expertise to his already impressive personal attributes. When you walk away form a football session with Mark Lee you will have a smile on your face, a sweaty shirt and an inner feeling that you have just learnt something, but the most important thing is that you want to know when the next session is. The MLFC programs are a fantastic experience for all who participate,from the elite, club and school players he embraces all who come across his path with equal doses of footballing love.

The only problem is sometimes you might have to bring your own ball as he is still thinks he is 9 years old and likes to have the ball at his feet too much!

Kenny Lowe - Former Professional Player, ex Perth Glory Coach and Current NTC Coach

Tom was fortunate enough to meet Mark when he was part of the U13 WA state team.  We as a family were very impressed by Mark as a coach and as a result decided the only way for Tom to continue to improve as a player, was to work with Mark via PFT courses and on a one to one basis.

When Tom returned from representing Australia at U13 level, we knew it was important that he continued to receive a high standard of coaching.  We approached Mark to discuss Tom’s individual needs as a result of which he drew up a training plan to improve him in all aspects of his game. 

The one to one training Mark provided was excellent, Tom thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the series of intensive sessions which increased his speed, improved his fitness levels and him overall as a player.  Tom would even assist Mark when coaching younger players because he felt Mark deserved something back for all the time and effort he had to put into helping him.

As we were returning to England on holiday, Tom was invited in to train with Sunderland AFC, a premiership academy, for a six week period.  Mark spoke with the Academy Director and coaches to try to identify the areas Tom would be working on whilst training with them and was able to ensure that the one on one sessions covered all aspects of the training Tom would be doing whilst there.

During Tom’s first few sessions at the Academy, it became apparent that the training had set him in good stead and he was able to compete alongside players of his own age and older who were playing at the highest level in their game.  After only three training sessions, Tom was offered a contract with SAFC and we are in no doubt that the training Mark had provided had played a major part in this outcome.

Mark’s enthusiasm is infectious, he is a first class coach.  It is evident that his main concern is the improvement of the individual whilst ensuring that enjoyment and love of the game remain firmly intact.  Tom has worked with a number of excellent coaches but Mark was and continues to be an influence on his football career and we are sure that he will play his part in giving many young footballers the best possible start on the road to success at many different levels.

David, Tracy and Thomas Beadling

Aside from being a great coach and mentor, Mark Lee is a fantastic motivator. We specifically sought to get Eric, our son, accepted into MLFC to improve his level of self confidence - the results have been outstanding.

Mark is a rare breed - a coach focussed on technical skills, using a modern approach to game play, in a positive and encouraging environment.  Through MLFC and then eventually PFT, Mark has been able to combine a creative mix of learning styles and techniques which captures imaginations, motivates children to achieve their dreams, and achieve fantastic results, all at the same time.

We are very happy that Eric has been, and continues to be accepted at MLFC and PFT.  Eric admires Mark, respects and values his opinions, and really looks forward to every session.

Paul and Sia Birighitti