What is Football Tennis Australia?

From the beaches of Brazil to the training pitches of professional footballers, football tennis is a game played and loved by all. It is played with great passion and a competitive spirit but never before has it been a sport or organised tournament.

Professional footballers from the A-League, who share that same passion, now want to share their love of the game with all and further promote the game of football tennis in Australia.

Football Tennis Australia will run tournaments in all states and allow players of all ages and abilities to play the 2v2 lightening quick hybrid sport. Participants and spectators will love the atmosphere of each tournament with music and DJ’s creating a party atmosphere and makes it more than a game of football tennis.

Football Tennis is the ideal game to perfect player’s technical ability as well as been fast, exciting and most important of all fun for all. The tournaments have huge potential for franchise and sponsorship opportunities.

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