MLFC Term 3 Kicks Off

MLFC returns to Lords Sports Club in Term 3 for a 9 week program of futsal, technical and tactical training, SAQ, small sided games and loads of goals, tricks, skills and fun!

32 players will train under the guidance of Mark Lee with groups training on the following dates and times

Group 1 - players born 2002 - 2000     4.10pm - 5.30pm

Group 2 - players born 1999 - 1998    5.40pm - 5.00pm

For more information or to have your child assessed for MLFC please get in touch by emailing Mark at

Please see a parents testimonial below from a current MLFC player.

Dear Mark

Just a brief note to say thank you for the outstanding training sessions you have been running at Lords. James is absolutely thrilled to attend and each week when he gets in the car he can’t stop talking about what he has done or what you have said.

What I am surprised by is the speed that these two elements have been adopted and then transferred into his weekend matches. This is a direct result of your capacity to motivate the kids and also your ability as a coach.

However, I mostly wish to acknowledge other characteristics and attributes  that you explicitly promote. As someone who has been directly involved in educating children for in excess of twenty years, it is wonderful to see the way you foster the broader benefits of active engagement in team sport.  The kids hang on your every word and when you talk about sportsmanship, concentration, leading a healthy lifestyle, respect and team play – they really absorb the messages. By encouraging them to ‘have a go’,  helping them to understand that making mistakes is a part of life while also encouraging them to actively choose their own attitude; it means that they are not only learning about football – they are also learning valuable lessons for life.